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      Martin Wisman SRU 912

      Martin Wisman

      SRU 912

      5.951,00 kn
      3.937,00 kn

      SRU 912 The Martin Wisman SRU 912 loudspeaker is a mid/high-frequency component of the SRU system. Nominal horizontal beam width is 60 degrees and nominal vertical beam width is 40 degrees.Tighter horizontal and vertical dispersion make this loudspeaker useful for...

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      Martin Wisman ART 300

      Martin Wisman

      ART 300

      1.794,00 kn
      1.252,00 kn

      12-Inch Two-Way Passive System FEATURES Two way passive system One 12 inch high performance speaker High quality plastic cabinet, waterproof and sunscreening APPLICATIONS Conference meeting room Hotel meeting room Outdoor venue SPECIFICATION Power Capacity: 250W...

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      Martin Wisman SPX 300

      Martin Wisman

      SPX 300

      2.869,00 kn
      2.007,00 kn

      A new standard Martin Wisman sets new standards in passive loudspeakers for audio musicians, DJ's and any audio professional looking for a compact quality solution to the world's oldest audio problem; accurate reproduction. The SPX 300 offer superior sound and is well...

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      FBT HiMaxX 40


      HiMaxX 40

      5.122,00 kn
      4.609,00 kn

      HiMaxX 40 > Excellent WEIGHT/POWER ratio. HiMaxX 40 weighs just a bit more than the FBTMaxX 4 while the total power capacity has almost doubled > New FBT proprietary designed 12” (3” VC) B&C® custom made neodymium magnet woofer, has a more...

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      Martin Wisman SRU 924

      Martin Wisman

      SRU 924

      5.448,00 kn
      4.356,00 kn

      Technical Specification: Freq. Range (-10dB): 50Hz~18kHz Freq. Response (-3dB): 60Hz~16kHz Rec.Hipass Frequency: 30Hz Axial Sensitivity: 103dB (1W/1m) Max Calculated SPL: 138dB Horizontal Coverage: 80 Vertical Coverage: 50 Rated System Power: 800W Continuous 3200W...

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      Martin Wisman SRX T212

      Martin Wisman

      SRX T212

      8.452,00 kn
      5.918,00 kn

      SRX T212 FREQUENCY  RESPONSE:         150Hz -18KHz     DISPERSION:                     60°×40°(H×V) HANDLING  POWER:             600W(RMS)1200W(PEAK)  SENSITIVITY:                     106dB MAXIMUM  SPL:                 140 dB IMPEDANCE:                      8...

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      FBT MaxX 4


      MaxX 4

      3.803,00 kn
      3.601,00 kn

      Sound Reinforcement Monitor 300W ·    Extremely light and sturdy enclosure made of polypropylene with gas injection moulding ·    Custom horn, handled and stand adapter built into the structure ·    It can be used in all audio-professional amplification systems ·...

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      Martin Wisman ARTX 300

      Martin Wisman

      ARTX 300

      1.440,00 kn
      1.250,00 kn

      ARTX-300 System Passive 2-Way full range 300W RMS / 800W Peak Woofer 12” Tweeter 1.34” Power 300W RMS / 800W Peak Impedance 8 Ohm Frequency Range 50Hz - 18KHZ Sensitivity 98dB(+/-2dB)

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      MONTARBO W440P



      4.937,00 kn
      4.189,00 kn

      W440P is the passive version of the model W440A. It is ideal for a very wide range of applications both indoor and outdoor.  When used as the main system for live music performances, theatre, conferences, public address W440P proves itself to be an exceptionally accurate,...

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      DAS Audio RF 12.64

      DAS Audio

      RF 12.64

      5.792,00 kn

      Features -12H Hi-power woofer with 4” voice coil -M-10N Neodymium driver with 3” titanium diaphragm -New rotatable 60º x 40º horn design -Stand and pole mountable -Multiple mounting accessories The Rf-12.64 is a high performance passive two-way system for fixed or...

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