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Do 2 x 300W @4Ω

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      Behringer EPQ 450 EUROPOWER



      2.339,00 kn
      2.106,00 kn

      EUROPOWER EPQ450 Professional 460-Watt Light Weight Stereo Power Amplifier with ATR (Accelerated Transient Response) Technology 2 x 230 Watts into 4 Ohms; 2 x 130 Watts into 8 Ohms ATR (Accelerated Transient Response) technology for ultimate punch and...

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      Martin Wisman ULG 400

      Martin Wisman

      ULG 400

      1.336,00 kn

      Specifikacija Stereo 4 ohm: 2x 170W Stereo 8 ohm: 2x 100W Stereo 2 ohm: 2x 200W Bridge 8 ohm: 215W Bridge 4 ohm: 400W Frekvencijski odziv: 20 Hz a 20 kHz < +/- 0.5dB Distorzija: < 0.1 % (1 kHz) Ulaz izolacija: 10 - 20 kohm...

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      Martin Wisman ULX 300

      Martin Wisman

      ULX 300

      1.469,00 kn

      ULX 300 Professional Power Amplifier Description The ULX Series professional power amplifiers offer MartinWisman renowned integrity and can handle exceptionally high power ratings in a compact, light weight package. The ULX Series amps also feature Automatic Clip...

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      JBSystems VX 400 MKII


      VX 400 MKII

      1.839,00 kn

      Description Professional amplifier for all-round sound reproduction Short Circuit protection DC current protection High temperature protection Forced fan cooling Balanced XLR and Jack inputs Ground/lift switch Speakon® compatible...

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      PHONIC MAX 1000


      MAX 1000

      1.731,00 kn

      The Phonic MAX 1000 Power Amplifier delivers 600 Watts of power at 8 ohms (bridge mono), 300W of power at 4 ohms (stereo)—ideal for small- to medium-size venues like churches, auditoriums, and more. Input to the MAX 1000 is achieved via XLR or phone jack, and output is...

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      PHONIC MAX 500


      MAX 500

      1.402,00 kn

      Phonic's MAX 500 Power Amplifier provides 120 Watts of power per channel at 4 ohms in a single rack space - ideal for medium-size venues and for monitoring purposes.

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      Martin Wisman ULT 400

      Martin Wisman

      ULT 400


      Professional Power Amplifier Features Soft start-up, preventing the transient surge and reducing the disturbance to the power network. Use two speed fans (with low speed and high speed). RCA &6.3 Phone Jack input connectors; SPEAKON and binding post output...

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      QSC RMX 850


      RMX 850

      4.670,00 kn

      Muscular Power Plant The power supply is the heart of an amplifier, converting raw AC power from the wall to clean DC for the audio circuitry. The RMX uses a powerful high-current toroidal transformer and ample filter capacitance to ensure generous energy reserves. This...

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      LEM Procon 400 plus


      Procon 400 plus

      2.074,00 kn

      Lem - Procon 400 P, 2he, 2x 200 W - 4ohm, speakon, bridge mode INPUT SENSITIVITY: 0dB (0.775V) INPUT IMPEDANCE: 10 kOhms (balanced) FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 10÷50000 Hz (-0.5dB) VOLTAGE GAIN: 32dB PROTECTIONS: Power transformer thermal protectionShort circuit...

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      JBSystems VX 200


      VX 200

      1.402,00 kn

      Power stereo 4 ohm    2x 110Wrms    Power stereo 8 ohm    2x 65Wrms    Power bridge 8 ohm    1x 220Wrms    Power parallel 2 ohm    1x 220Wrms    Freq. Resp. (+/-1.5dB)    10 - 50000Hz    Input Sensitivity    0,77V / 26dB / 1.4V    Input impedance    20 kohm...

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