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      AKG K 44


      K 44

      371,00 kn

      Closed back circumaural headphones The K 44 are cost-efficient headphones for different applications, like Project Studios and Home Recording. These closed-back headphones are a true all-round performer with solid bass and clean highs at a value price. The AKG...

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      AKG K 99


      K 99

      504,00 kn

      Semi-open, circumaural hi-fi stereo headphones Low weight for excellent comfort Skin compatible leatherette ear pads Excellent price/performance The newly designed K 99 are semi-open stereo headphones which combine excellent sound and optimum price/performance....

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      na lageru Mogućnost NarudžbeMogućnost NarudžbeUkoliko je za proizvod naznačeno da će ga biti uskoro lageru, znači da proizvod trenutno nemamo u u trgovini, ali ga je moguće rezervirati.
      Molimo provjerite detalje u vezi mogućnosti rezervacije ovog proizvoda.

      Provjeru možete izvršiti putem telefona:
      +385 95 855 9005

      ili putem email-a:

      AKG K 77


      K 77

      353,00 kn

      Monitoring Home recording Musical instruments K 77 Closed-back circumaural headphones Excellent comfort The newly designed K 77 are cost-efficient headphones for various applications. These closed-back headphones are an all-round...

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      Sennheiser IE4



      664,00 kn

      Earphones for Wireless Monitor applications. The IE 4 reproduces an outstanding sound quality and high dynamic. It is equipped with exchangeable ear sleeves, which gives an optimum fit to different ear cannels. The results are high isolation against environmental...

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