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      INVISION Transcension DC 2416 DMX Controller


      Transcension DC 2416 DMX...

      1.864,00 kn

      Product Information The Transcension DC-2416 Show Desk is a 16 channel dimming console and is fully DMX compatable. It has a built-in microphone for sound activated programs and also has an analogue output for a smoke machine. This 19" rack console is the perfect choice...

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      INVISION Transcension Scene Setter DC 1224 DMX Controller


      Transcension Scene Setter...

      1.578,00 kn

      The Scene Setter is a 2-bank, 12 fader, 1-bank, 24 fader DMX mixing console. The Scene Setter has 4 pages to control up to 12 channels (single bank) or 24 channels (2 banks). The Scene Setter can program 48 scenes and 24 chases of 999 steps with a total of 2376 steps....

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      na lageru Mogućnost NarudžbeMogućnost NarudžbeUkoliko je za proizvod naznačeno da će ga biti uskoro lageru, znači da proizvod trenutno nemamo u u trgovini, ali ga je moguće rezervirati.
      Molimo provjerite detalje u vezi mogućnosti rezervacije ovog proizvoda.

      Provjeru možete izvršiti putem telefona:
      +385 95 855 9005

      ili putem email-a:

      Behringer LC2412




      24 preset channels, assignable to 512 DMX channels Up to 3 DMX channels can be controlled per preset channel 120 scenes storable in 10 banks Integrated chaser with up to 650 steps featuring sync-to-bass beat Frequency-dependent sound-to-light function Crossfade time...

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