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MXL & Martin Wisman MXL Vocal Pack

Proizvođač: MXL & Martin Wisman MXL Vocal Pack
Dostupnost: Uskoro na stanju
Šifra Proizvoda: 57579
Prikazana cjena je za komad.

MXL RF100+MXL V63m+Martin Wisman MIC 8c

kn 2.384,00
€ 314.8


Bloggers and reviewers agree; the V63M is an amazing product. This one-of-a-kind condenser studio microphone offers astonishing clarity and ultra detailed presence. A fully-balanced transformerless output produces an exceptionally rich sound, and you'll experience a transparency and warmth you never experienced before.

MXL RF 100

The RF-100 Reflection Filter by MXL provides portable sound isolation and is designed to reduce unwanted reflections and ambient room noise when recording in untreated performance spaces - a major problem in most home and project studios. The desired result of course is obtaining the driest vocal and instrument recordings possible. Recordings free from bad reflections and excessive room ambience are easier to work with and always sit better in the mix helping to achieve that professional radio-ready sound.

Martin Wisman MIC 8C

Microphone stand MIC-8C A light-weight and stable microphone stand with an adjustable arm and folded legs. The footing and the arm joint are made of extremely robust PA plastic. weight - 2,00kg height - 950-1470mm arm length - 800mm material - steel and PA thread - 3/8”

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