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Featuring an easily adjustable gooseneck, secure mounting bracket and a specially engineered dual-screen design, the TASCAM TM-AG1 Pop Filter will help you tame event the most explosive plosives. A pop filter to effectively reduce vocal plosives using a dual layer nylon screen and side air ducting.

Attenuates plosives during vocal recording


During vocal recordings, there is a particular noise referred to as pop noise which occurs usually when there are “p” or “b” sounds present in the word being spoken or sung, and these undesirable popping sounds will be recorded without a pop filter. It is therefore understood that a pop filter is an essential recording gear for vocal recording. In addition, using a pop filter can also prevent microphone moisture contamination caused by saliva while singing. Since a condenser microphone diaphragm is light-weighted and it may affect the sound if the diaphragm is contaminated, but this pop filter can prevent this.
Dual layer nylon screen and side air ducting suppress noise efficiently


The screen is made out of nylon with double layer that blocks the plosive noise better. In addition, double layer allows the air gets out from the side ducting in order to prevent the wind plosive.
Screen without a logo for less distraction during vocal recording


In a recording booth, there is often a picture or logo on the pop filter facing in front of vocalists. These picture or logo can affect the singer’s concentration. The pop filter has deliberately removed such picture or logo so that the singer can focus just on recording without any distraction.
Long gooseneck mounting for flexible setup (microphone stand sold separately)


A 351mm long gooseneck is used in order to ensure a sufficient distance for a condenser microphone setup. As for a short gooseneck, sometimes 2 microphone stands may be necessary. But with the TM-AR1 screen, however, it enables you to set up both the microphone and pop filter using just one microphone stand.

Features at a glance

  • 13.8" (351mm) flexible arm
  • Double-layered nylon screen
  • 6" diameter screen


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