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Raise your voice like the Pros with the the Mackie EM-99B, a professional dynamic broadcast microphone that's designed to deliver remarkable sound for podcasting, live streaming, and dialogue recording. The highly sensitive cardioid capsule (-53 dB) with a specially tuned...
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Sontronics Halo Guitar Microphone The Sontronics Halo Guitar Microphone is a striking dynamic microphone designed for use on guitar amps and cabinets. It features a dynamic capsule suspended on four spring mounts within a circular frame that protects the microphon...
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The MXL DRUM PA-5K 3-piece microphone pack covers the basic needs of the touring drummer or percussionist, consisting of one MXL A-55 KICKER Dynamic Kick Drum Mic and two MXL A-5t Dynamic Tom Mics. The A-55 KICKER is designed specifically to capture the low...
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