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Featuring patented S-Logic Plus technology, the PRO 900i Closed-Back Professional Reference Headphones by Ultrasone are geared toward audio professionals who demand precise reference monitoring, whether in the studio or on location. The stiff and strong 40mm titanium-plated drivers provide high-fidelity sound throughout the audio spectrum, and are light enough to ensure ultrafast response time and accurate sound reproduction. The velvet earpads form a seal around the ears that prevents the sound from leaking out to sonically isolate the listener from their surroundings.

Pravo odbijanja i povrata za ovaj proizvod ne vrijedi, budući da proizvod spada u pravne iznimke prema čl. 16 Direktive 2011/83/EU Europskog parlamenta i Vijeća od 25. 10. 2011. - isporuka zapečaćene robe koja je otpečaćena nakon isporuke i ne može se vratiti zbog razloga vezanih za higijenu ili zaštitu zdravlja.  

The S-Logic Plus technology is at the core of the listening experience offered by these headphones. It delivers a spacious and natural sound with a wide frequency range, and it generates lower sound-pressure level than traditional headphones while achieving the same perceived loudness. This can potentially reduce hearing damage and facilitate fatigue-free listening. Incorporating components developed for Ultrasone's flagship Edition series, the acoustically redesigned earcups and their tonal fine-tuning aim to achieve a sound free of coloration, ideal for monitoring, engineering, and mastering.

Other features include ULE technology, which utilizes MU metal shielding to protect listeners from the potential effects of low-frequency radiation generated by headphone drivers. The headphones come with a detachable straight cable and a 1/4" adapter. A hard-shell transport case and a second pair of earpads are also included.


Pro-Quality Sound

Designed with audio professionals in mind, the 40mm titanium-plated drivers provide precise sound reproduction ideal for monitoring reference. In addition, S-Logic Plus technology delivers a spacious and natural sound with a wide frequency range of 6 Hz to 42 kHz and authentic rendition of voices and instruments.

Safer Listening

S-Logic Plus technology utilizes a decentralized driver to send music around the ear, not just into it. The sound is projected onto the surface of the outer ear rather than the inner ear directly, providing the same loudness sensation as other headphones but with a reduction of sound pressure level by up to 40% (3-4 dB). This may reduce the risk of hearing damage and contributes to fatigue-free listening. The earcups' MU metal shielding reduces electromagnetic fields by up to 98%, protecting listeners from the potentially harmful effects of low-frequency radiation generated by headphone drivers.

Detachable Cablea and 1/4" Adapter

A detachable straight cable is included: One short 4.9' ultrasoft straight cable (USC) and a gold-plated 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter.


Ultrasone Pro 900i Specs


Foldable Yes
Driver Size 1.6" / 40 mm
Magnet Type Neodymium
Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 96 dB
Audio Connector to Source 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS
1/4" TRS


Packaging Info

Package Weight 3.45 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.6 x 9.4 x 3.8"


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